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Truck’N With Vito! / Truck’N With Vito!

Vito Bonanno created this suite of 50 intimate pieces named Truck’N With Vito! in 2014 as part of a solo exhibition at Umbrella Arts Gallery in NYC, that also launched a traveling art education and autism awareness campaign. These mixed media treasures began with a first layer of a random, unplanned aerosol or acrylic paint background design. These dreamy and colorful backgrounds served to fuel Bonanno’s imagination and using paint pens and markers, images and stories from his mind’s eye found residence on the canvas. The result is these delightful small hyper-focused treasures showcasing the artist’s hybrid dream state aesthetic. Each piece contains a small story and as a whole are a powerful narrative of the human mind and spirit and wonderful testimony to those like Bonanno who live and work with the daily challenge of, but also too commonly overlooked gift of autism. These pieces as a group are extremely versatile and can be used as one large statement piece or made in many smaller configurations, limited only by the size of your walls and your imagination.