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The Airplane Series / The Airplane Series

Always indulging his inner child and demonstrating that aesthetic without apologies in his work, Bonanno often reaches back into his childhood for memories and images reminiscent of simpler times, incorporating them into his work as bold imagery, sometimes startling, other times amusing, but always there as a challenge against and protector of the difficult reality of daily life and world events.


This newest series, The Airplane Series, was inspired by the classic Nintendo game, “1942”, Bonanno played as a child.  Here he has included these  fighting airplanes and the strength and power they represent with his other repeating protective images  including traffic lights,  into a heavily multi-layered aesthetic that in some instances totally covers over imagery underneath  indicating that battle was won, but leaving much revealed as a strong indicator of the constant turmoil of the emotions  and creative process that fuels Bonanno’s unique point of view and powerful hyper focused aesthetic.