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Truck’N With Vito! A Cultural Awareness Campaign

I am proud to announce the launch of Truck’N With Vito!, a Cultural Awareness Campaign. I transformed an ordinary van into a mobile art gallery and I am spreading the word through my art that Autism is a magical gift of secret resources of creativity and inspiration. The event is called TRUCK’N WITH VITO! and we’re launching on Saturday, May 24th at the exclusive Umbrella Arts Gallery in New York’s East Village, located at 317 East 9th Street. The gallery is known for its rare shows of extreme talent and is bringing my art showcase and cultural awareness project into the limelight. Umbrella Arts is a place of discovery, movement and change and they are committed to keeping the artistic spirit alive in the community, I’m very proud and excited about this project.


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The exhibition will kick-off on May 24th at Umbrella Arts Gallery and my mobile project TRUCK’N WITH VITO! will travel on wheels to be seen all over Manhattan and Brooklyn at Bushwick Open StudiosThe Howl FestivalThe Dumbo Arts Festival and in New York’s East Village. The exhibition is taking place from May 24th through July 31, 2014 – the opening reception at Umbrella Arts on May 24th will showcase small, intimate paintings that I made on the road and in my New Haven, Connecticut art studio. View the fundraising campaign here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/truck-n-with-vito – we invite the public to join the movement and help to continue TRUCK’N WITH VITO! going and spreading the word about Autism and artistic talent.


Truck'N With Vito!, Art Exhibition, Vito Bonanno, Mixed Media Artist, NYC, Miami, CT


During this traveling exhibition, the Artmobile will make stops at Fountain GalleryLAND Gallery, the Bushwick Open Studios, and the HOWL Festival in Tompkins Square Park. Additional stops in the Summer of 2014 include the SoNo Arts Festival in Norwalk, CT. In the Fall, we will visit the DUMBO Arts Festival, the IAM Festival, OpSail, Envision Fest, LAMP, the SOFA Fair, and in The Wynwood Arts District during Art Basel Miami Beach at Spectrum Art Fair this December 3-7, 2014, as well as METRO Curates in January 2015.

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